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Golf and Tennis
There are about 40 golf clubs and 20 tennis clubs on the Costa del Sol. Here you don't have to be a member to play a round.

You can surf all along the coast. Tarifa at the southernmost tip the Costa del Sol is known for its strong winds. There you can get from Spain (Europe) to Morocco (Africa) surf through the Strait of Gibraltar.

Hiking and trekking
Andalusia has many national parks and mountain ranges with wonderful Hiking trails. Many barbecues and campsites with fascinating flora and fauna. Now also with the reopened hiking trail "Caminito del Rey"

Winter sports
The Sierra Nevada, which is only 40 km from the coast, with its peaks of up to 3800 m, 19 lifts, 45 pistes and 61 km of pistes offers powder snow to every skier from November to May.

Biker and Quad
The area is ideal for mountain bikes, bikers and quad's. The coast gives a feeling of freedom, like Highway No. 1 in California.

Rider Holidays
The Andalusian horses of southern Spain are legendary, all forms of riding, from trekking to high dressage are popular. On the horse's back you can relax and enjoy the country. There are some excellent stables along the coast offering beach rides at sunset and easy trekking through the hills.

Diving and snorkeling
The crystal clear water near Nerja offers good opportunities to explore the underwater world. to explore.

Yacht and boat charter
All along the coast you can rent boats of all kinds.

Seaside cruises
From Málaga the cruise ships depart in all directions.
A day trip to Morocco to its bazaars.

Sightseeing flights
Trapiche near Velez Málaga has a small airport and offers sightseeing flights to the region.

Balloon rides
There are many providers for all of Andalusia

On the coast and in the Sierre Nevada, this sport is becoming more and more popular.

Leisure parks
There are some Agua and animal parks (Velez Málaga, Torremolinos) and a western town near Almeria. Famous westerns were shot there.

There are also many thermal springs. A new one has just opened in the swimming pool of Malaga.

The whole area offers many ancient cities and excavations. There are many traces of the ancestors of Andalusia. The large castles and palaces of the Moors are in very good condition.