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The metropolis of the Costa del Sol, its economic and administrative
center, is a lively port city with 600 000 inhabitants an of a wide
swung bay.

Protected from cold winds by the mountain range in the north of the city,
Málaga is spoiled by a mild climate all year round.

The city is an old place with an eventful history.

"Malaka" was a trade factor founded by the Phoenicians. A theatre reminds
us of Roman times. Clearer traces of the The Arabs and Berbers have left
their presence. Through his Málaga was one of the strongest fortified
cities of in both castles El Andalus.

You can visit both. Gibralfaro (mountain of the lighthouse) from the
14th century is the one higher up, from here you have a magnificent
panorama. Closer to the city is the Alcazaba, also built by the Moors
in the 8th to 11th centuries. Here is also the interesting
Archaeological Museum.

Nearby is the cathedral La Manquita, the "one-armed" as it is
affectionately called by the locals.

Worth seeing is also the Bischofspalast, the Kunstmuseum and the birthplace
of Picasso. You should also take your time for the exotic green areas
El Parque and the Finca de la Concepin.

The new harbour promenade, the Centre Pompidou, the old town and the
Picasso Museum.

To the east lie the paradisiacal villa suburbs, in the middle of Orange groves,
pines, plane trees, cypresses and colorful Gardens with their villas.

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