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the former Caliph's residence, is located at Andalusia's "Great River"
in the north of the region.

Mosque and old town of the medieval metropolis of the former
Constantinople of the West, offer a reflection of past greatness.

A visit of the "Mezquita" and the "Juderiá"; from the UNESCO
declared a cultural asset of humanity- and belong to the "Moreria"
to the highlights of a trip to Andalusia.

Cordoba with 300,000 inhabitants is the center of an agricultural
The area of production is the wide Vega of the Guadalquivir valley
in the south and the sparsely populated Sierra Morena in the north.

Cordoba's climate is characterized by pleasantly mild winters and extremely
hot summers. At noon temperatures do not reach rarely 45°.

Therefore, May is the most beautiful travel season when the patios of the city
are lavishly decorated with flowers and are open for viewing.

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